Toy library members can access a range of functions including signing up for roster duty, renewing and viewing toys and booking party packs.

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Helpful membership information


Roster duty / Roster levy deposit

We can only offer our toy library memberships for such an affordable price because of our wonderful members volunteering their time to help keep the toy library running smoothly. We understand that sometimes you may be unable to commit your time to fulfilling your 4 volunteer hours of roster duty per year, which is why we now include a roster levy deposit with all membership fees. This deposit is fully refundable upon completion of your roster duty. The Roster Duty Levy Deposit is $50 per year for Newport members, and $40 per year for Laverton members.

You can sign up for your roster dates online or on the noticeboard at the toy library.  

On your roster duty day, your tasks will include:

  • checking returned toys

  • fixing and cleaning toys

  • helping out at stocktake.

Borrowing and overdue toys

The number of toys you may borrow depends on the membership type. Toys may be borrowed for two weeks, and toys can be renewed two times. Family day care members can borrow toys for four weeks. Speak to the Toy Library Coordinator for further details regarding borrowing limits and conditions.

A charge of $5 per fortnight applies for late toy returns, with a maximum charge of $10.

Missing pieces

A fine of $5 per missing piece will be charged which is fully refundable when the piece/pieces are found and returned. We hope you find the missing piece so the toy can be returned to our shelves for others to borrow.

Damaged toys

The committee will treat cases of damage on an individual basis.


Cleaning toys

Toy cleaning tips

For general cleaning, baby wipes will be your best friend! They are easy to use, readily available and the kids can help too. Here are our tips for keeping our toy library toys clean and fresh!

  • For toys which are quite soiled please wash well with hot, soapy water and rinse. Please do not immerse the toys in water as sometimes water can get in and cannot be removed

  • If the toy is very dirty use a toothbrush or satay stick with cotton wool to make fine buds that can be used to clean all edges, nooks and crannies so that the toy is perfectly clean. Dry the toy with a clean tea towel.

  • If your child has been ill, please disinfect the toys, but do not soak them in disinfectant as this can remove the colour from some plastics. The disinfectant wipes that you can buy from the supermarket are great!

  • Cleaning the night before allows the toys to dry thoroughly before returning to the shelf.

  • Regular counting of toy pieces will prevent a mad hunt at return time to find a piece that went missing two weeks ago.

Baby rattles
Please do not immerse these toys in water. Sometimes water gets in and cannot be removed. Rinse baby toys well of all soap detergent, or use bicarb.

Wooden toys
Wash well, and in the case of Brio train sets, scrub well with a toothbrush and hot soapy water. These toys should not be soaked.

Duplo & construction sets
Wash well with a toothbrush and hot soapy water. Rinse and leave to drain overnight on a tea towel. A hairdryer is handy, but ensure it is not too hot.

Bath toys
These do need cleaning, in fact, more thoroughly than most other toys. Use a grease-removing formula and preferably a little disinfectant as well.

Outdoor/sandpit toys
These must be cleaned well as most are used inside as well. Immerse in laundry tub. To remove all sand, keep rinsing under running water. Involve your child in the cleaning when removing all dirt and sand.

Must be cleaned despite being outside toys. Please do not leave outside overnight, in the rain, or in the hot sun, as their colour will fade very quickly.

Dress ups
Allow time to wash and dry.

Wooden puzzles
Wipe over all wooden puzzles with a hot, soapy, damp (not wet) wettex.

Board games and cardboard puzzles
Wipe over with a hot, damp (but not wet) wettex, cleaning all pieces.