Meet Your Coordinators: Angela Draganjac, Newport Coordinator

What have you loved the most about being a part of the toy library community?

I have loved being involved with a local community and time at the toy library is always enjoyable, and it has been great to provide our daughter with such a wide range of toys.

You are coming on board as a Coordinator at our Newport branch. What are you looking forward to about your new role at the Toy Library?

I look forward to assisting parents to find toys, reuniting lost pieces with their toys, adding to our collection with the amazing donations we receive and suggesting the perfect Party Pack item to make a party memorable. I look forward to ensuring a lot of families like ours benefit from this terrific community resource.

What does your Coordinator role involve?

I am responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Newport branch including customer service and toy returns and loans, repairs and volunteer management. I look forward to meeting your family soon!