Meet Your Coordinators: Cinzia Bulegato, Newport Coordinator


Cinzia is the newest member of our team, having just joined our Newport branch as our Thursday Coordinator.

Your family have been members of the toy library since the beginning of the year. What have you loved the most about being a toy library member?

We joined the toy library as soon as we moved to the area and we felt immediately welcomed. We love the warm and informal atmosphere; it’s a great place to meet new people and get involved with the community. Our kids love being able to choose from such a wide range of toys and I am amazed to see how they are developing their decision-making skills by carefully selecting the toys they borrow. They are also learning to be responsible for the items they borrow by taking care of them and making sure the toys are clean before returning to the toy library.

What are you looking forward to about your new role?

As a ‘people person’, I am thrilled to get to meet all the Newport members and their kids. I am looking forward to providing a friendly environment where members feel they are appreciated as part of the community. I hope to see more people get involved in the toy library through volunteering, joining the Committee, fundraising and being part of our toy library community.

What does your Coordinator role involve?

I am responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Newport branch. Together with the other Coordinators, the Committee of Management and members, I am looking forward to working hard to make our toy library a friendly and efficient service for families in our local neighbourhood.

Any tips for new members?

I would definitely encourage families to get involved and join the toy library! Exposing children to a broad range of toys contributes to their development and learning and can increase a parent’s understanding of the importance of play in children. Since I became a parent, I have met many other parents experiencing isolation and who struggle to make new friends. A toy library is a friendly place to network with other parents who are at a similar stage in their lives.