Meet Your Committee
Lojain Kazan, Operations


How long have you been a Toy Library member?

We have been members of the Laverton branch since our son was 12 months old. We heard about the toy library from a friend who was already a member. We loved the idea of being able to experience new and different toys every fortnight without worrying about the storage or expense of buying new and quality toys. Our son enjoys every visit we make to the library, he enjoys being surrounded by hundreds of toys and being able to choose whatever he likes. 

What does your Operations role involve?

My role involves IT and database management, stocktake and members' support.

Do you have a favourite type of toy?

My son enjoys train toys, especially Thomas the Tank Engine. He also loves ride-on toys. 

Any tips for new members?

Encourage your children to borrow toys from different categories. There are heaps of different toys to discover and enjoy.