Meet Your Committee Jennifer MvEvoy, Co-Treasurer

We welcomed Jennifer to our Committee in April 2019

We welcomed Jennifer to our Committee in April 2019

How long have you been a Toy Library member?

Our family have been members for two years now. We first joined when we moved from interstate to join the inner west community. We would visit the library every couple of weeks to borrow new toys for our daughter. It was really fun watching her pick out her favourite toys for the week. We look forward to being active borrowers again when we welcome our new boy into the family!

What does your Co-Treasurer role involve?

Preparing the monthly financial reports and budgets and keeping track of the finances to make sure that the library continues to operate effectively.

Do you have a favourite type of toy?

Puzzles and anything that encourages creativity.

What is your favourite thing about living in the inner west?

It’s such a close knit community with a real village feel. We decided to make this place our home after having moved around a lot and now we wouldn't live anywhere else!