Laverton Branch

There is a branch of the Hobsons Bay Toy Library located in the Laverton Community Childrens Centre.

Address:15 Crown Street, Laverton VIC 3028
Phone: 9369 9118
Open:Thursday 10am -12 noon
Saturday 10am-12 noon

Membership costs

Number of Children Annual Membership Number of toys
Full Concession
1 $40 $30 3
2 $55 $45 6
3+ $65 $55 9
Playgroup $70 10

Borrowing time is for a maximum of 2 weeks. In addition to the above rates, a Roster Bond of $40 is applicable to all members. (Concessional and Non Concessional inclusive)

  1. Each member is required to volunteer at the Toy Library for 2 sessions of 2 hours each between July and June each year.
  2. If the member completes the roster duty as required, the bond money need not be paid in the subsequent year. The bond money paid in the first year will be carried forward to the subsequent year.
  3. However if the member chooses not to volunteer, the roster bond money will need to be paid again in the subsequent year.

Overdue Fines

Fines will be incurred if toys are not returned within three weeks from date borrowed.
Fines will be charged at the rate of $2 per toy every week until returned.

Playgroup and Family Day Carers

10 toys can be borrowed at one time with a maximum of 5 large (outdoor toys) and 5 indoor toys